In a unique region like the Algarve, where the sun shines unbidden more than 300 days a year, there can only be several places where you can take the photo that will be immortalised on Instagram.

Discover the most Instagram-worthy places in the Algarve and enjoy every moment with Discover Tours.

Nowadays, many trips are planned based on the images we see in the endless unfolding of the news feed on Instagram. Those familiar with this social network know that hundreds of photos are posted there, providing great suggestions for your next holiday destination. Since the Algarve is often mentioned on Instagram, do you already know which is the next place you should visit? Take a ramble through our suggestions, and you’ll see that, in addition to fantastic photos, you’ll also get to know places with history and tradition.


Benagil Cave

Surely you have come across images of a beach in the middle of a cave with a circular opening in its vault overlooking the sky. Benagil Cave has taken over Instagram with its beauty after The Guardian newspaper put it on its list of the 10 of the world’s best natural wonders. The cave is located 150 metres from the fishing beach of Benagil but can only be reached by sea. The good news for you is that Discover Tours offers one of the best experiences to reach this rock formation. On a boat trip from Portimão, which takes about 1h45m, you will get to know the long-awaited cave of Benagil, as well as the beaches of Carvoeiro and Marinha. Book your tour, and in a minute, you will have the one-way ticket for an experience aboard our boat with a local guide.

Photo Tips: In the morning, sunlight enters the cave and draws organic shapes in the sand of Benagil Cave. Play with this light and the shadows to get very interesting photos. The cave is also less crowded in the morning. So, if you want to take lots of photos of the natural beauty of Benagil Cave, know that one of the daily excursions from Discover Tours is in the early morning. On this guided boat trip to Benagil and Carvoeiro, you will also have the opportunity to navigate through the caves, always accompanied by a local guide who will explain all the curiosities and secrets of the rock formations.

Algar Seco

This is a natural monument in Carvoeiro with rock formations, caves and natural pools of transparent water. Only from the sea you can see the curious “Boneca” (Doll), a cone-shaped rock with two windows facing the sea. Algar Seco is a must for anyone visiting the Algarve and can be visited from the sea or land. Try these two ways of getting there, because there are many corners to discover and every minute is worth it.

Photo tips: Photo tip: Take photos of the natural beauty of the Algarve coast early in the morning on a catamaran sailing trip. At this time, the sun is high and does not cast unnecessary shadows on the photos. It is advisable to always take protective material for your camera or mobile phone so as not to risk splashing the lens with saltwater. Visit Algar Seco by land as well, but opt for sunset time. Arrive a little early and head for the “A Boneca” cave. Take photos of this incredible place and shoot a video during the passage through the tunnel that gives access to the cave, and the two windows overlooking the sea. It is recommended to photograph the golden light of the sunset from the boardwalk.


Ponta da Piedade

Located in Lagos, it is a paradise on earth, or rather, in the sea! Several rock formations make this one of the most visited landscapes of the whole year. Apart from the rocks formed by the force of the tides, the water here has a turquoise colour that is irresistible for many photos. Visiting Ponta da Piedade can be done by land or sea, but it is the second option that allows you to discover the best-kept secrets of this place. On a boat trip with Discover Tours, you can let your creativity run wild and discover a submarine, an elephant or even a camel in the different rock formations.

Photo tip: The end of the day at Ponta da Piedade is an explosion of colours. Between the golden sun, the crystal-clear sea and the rocks, there are countless points where you can take a perfect photo to remember the tour. Discover Tours offers several tours to Ponta da Piedade, but the Summer Fun Cruise is the one where you can enjoy the golden hours of the end of the day. On this 3-hour tour, you can capture the beauty of the beaches and caves and have fun on the water trampoline or paddleboard.

Rota do Petisco (Tapas Route)

It’s not just one place, but several that you should visit, browsing through a passport with all the information about this event that takes place in 11 municipalities of the Algarve. The Rota do Petisco has been running for 11 years and celebrates gastronomy in a very tempting format. You should be able to visit as many of the restaurants registered for the event as possible over a month (10 September to 10 October 2021). You can buy your passport at any establishment (it costs €1.5 and goes to a charity) and start your adventure with friends amidst the flavours and drinks of the Algarve. Check out the website for this annual event to find out all the places you can visit.

Photo tip: Since Instagram is also a great guide to gastronomic adventures, take as many photos as you can of the dishes and choose your favourites. These walks through restaurants, and pastry shops will introduce you to iconic places in the region, many of which have been open for many years. Take the opportunity to photograph and document the history of each establishment.

    Photo by Leo Roza – Unsplash

    The Algarve is a region that surprises everyone who visits it, always leaving them with good memories and photos to tell of their experiences. We hope that on your next visit you will enjoy the 4 most Instagram-worthy places in the Algarve, and share your photos with us. Visit us on our social networks Facebook and Instagram.