We are sea and planet earth lovers, and we also make a point of sharing what we learn and observe daily on our boat trips in the Algarve. We are aware that to continue sharing the Algarve Coast with our visitors, one of our primary responsibilities the environmental protection. We believe that we should give back to the planet what it gives to us. Hence, we are members of the global 1% For the Planet movement.


The idea of 1% For the Planet is simple, and the action is extraordinary!

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How does 1% For the Planet works?

The global movement aims to inspire companies and people to monetarily support non-profit organizations that strive every day to protect the environment and make the planet healthier. Companies or individuals commit to donating the equivalent of 1% of their annual gross profit, and the 1% For the Planet organization links the company to a Non-Governmental Organization, both having the same values. In addition to the model of donating 1% of annual profits, a second model is to do voluntary work in an NGO of your choice. This second model is for individual members only. The foremost objective of this action is to be accessible to all those whose main concern is the future of our planet.

The non-profit organizations chosen to be part of this programme are active in the climate, food, land, pollution, wildlife and water areas. Discover Tours has established a partnership with a Portuguese NGO, the League for Nature Protection (LPN – Liga para a Proteção da Natureza). Solutions for each area are distinct and evaluated by the movement. Some solves to save the oceans include education, activism, mitigating the effects of drought, conservation and cleaning the oceans.

So far, the amount of donations has reached the incredible value of 250 million dollars, with the participation of over 1200 companies and thousands of NGOs present in over 40 countries. You can find our membership here and the Portuguese non-governmental organizations part of this worldwide movement here.

Would you like to be part of this great initiative? To become a member as a company or as an individual, please apply here.


What actions can we take to stop ocean pollution?

As Discover Tours’ life is spent on the water, our primary concern is to save the oceans. More than communicating about ocean pollution, we need to act and fight the diminishing fish and coral population in the sea. Together, we can reverse the scourge that plagues the oceans!

Do you know what gestures you can make in your daily life or even on one of our boat trips in the Algarve?

Picking up litter – On your water activities or simply on walks on the beach, always take a bag with you. If possible, bring a net bag to the scuba dive to catch all the items that don’t belong there. Instead of getting indignant about other people’s rubbish, pick it up and then throw it in the correct bin. It will be one less piece of waste in the wrong place! We challenge you to bring a net bag on the catamaran tour during the snorkelling experience.

Respect the environment – On our tours, we make caves visit by kayak, so our visitors get a closer experience of the seafaring life. Enjoy the natural beauty of the moment, but be aware that you must not disturb the marine animals. Do not touch, chase and do not bring any animals or coral home. All marine elements are necessary. If only one is missing, the cycle breaks.

Reducing plastic consumption – Unfortunately, we know that plastic is part of the seascape, and its repercussions are enormous. By 2050 it is estimated that there could be more plastic in the sea than fish. It is important to stop this scenario now! Reducing plastic consumption will become a habit, and sustainable attitudes will lead to significant changes for the ocean’s future. Here are some changes you can put in place today.

  • Regularly carry a tote bag with you to any grocery shop.
  • Always choose products in bulk.
  • On your walks and hikes, take a reusable water bottle.
  • For those plastic products, unavoidable to buy, use them until the end of their useful life, then throw them in the yellow bin.

Be active – Gather friends and family, organise a beach clean-up. Spread the word about this urgent issue and teach children how to behave. Support causes like 1% For the Planet or others you like. Be informed and share your knowledge about sustainability and zero waste with others.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder – Unsplash

Do you know the 4 principal causes of pollution of the oceans and seas?

Plastic – As we have said before, one of the biggest causes of ocean pollution is plastics. Do you know what the microplastics immediate effects in the sea are? Every 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million birds mistake this waste for food and die. Even the fish you may eat can ingest microplastics and successively, each human eating up to 121,000 particles per year.

Global warming – Global warming is not a mirage and is another of the most worrying causes for the quality of marine life. Rising water temperatures contribute to ocean acidification and the deterioration of entire ecosystems.

Industrial discharges – Chemicals from factories are harmful to both marine life and humans. These products can alter the pH of the water and thus neutralise the growth of new marine life.

Masks – Only a year passed before the world started using daily surgical masks to combat covid-19, but the seas are already littered with this ordinary object. Estimates that the oceans now contain 1.56 billion disposable masks. The material that makes up the masks is composed of several different plastic elements, for this reason, they are difficult to recycle. However, proper disposal of regular rubbish will save the earth and the oceans.

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    Photo by Brian Yurasits – Unsplash

    We all must contribute to making a difference, even if it’s just 1% a day, every day. We must balance our consumption and reuse objects.

    It is everyone’s mission to keep the oceans clean so that we can continue to admire their beauty.

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    Photo Discover Tours – Dolphin Watching