Lagos offers to all travelers an unforgettable and memorable experience. With its world-famous beaches, delicious food and vibrant nightlife, the city welcomes all with a warm and friendly smile.

The sea is an old companion, and the town is well-known for her courageous seamen from long ago. Once one of the most famous trading posts in Europe, she´s proud of her heritage. A closer look will reveal the epic and surprising tale of the golden age of the Portuguese Discoveries. 

With its sheltered coast and calm waters, Lagos Bay is a great spot for boating and cruising. While staying in town you can find a diverse combination of marine activities, watersports, boat tours and daily cruises.

Follow our tips and find out the best places in Lagos and the Algarve to enjoy memorable holidays.

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Which is the best Marina in the Algarve?

For boat lovers, Lagos is a great place to stop, lay birth and relax. Its small but prized Marina gives everyone that visits it a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Right next to town centre, it allows for an easy access to shops, restaurants and great things to do. The best experiences in Lagos can start here, with a tour with Discover. See where we are based. Find everything you need to know about Marina de Lagos on the website.

Is the Algarve good for sailing?

For Sailing fans, the southwest of Portugal is definitely the place to go. An amazing combination of steady winds, perfect sea conditions and a mind-blowing coastline creating that perfect moment for all boat lovers.

This year the city and its Marina will welcome once more an international sailing event, the GC32 Racing Tour. Due to the success of Lagos’s 2019 World Championship, this spectacular regatta will be held in Lagos twice this year. From June 30 to July 4th and again from July 28 to August 1st. More information about the championship here.

If you are in town, you will have the privilege to witness these incredible flying foiling catamarans as they race across Meia Praia beach. These extraordinary Catamarans can reach top speeds of 40 knots. You can learn more about their fleet, here.

Witch are the most popular water sports in the Algarve?

If you are into Watersports, there is plenty to choose from!

  • If you enjoy Sea Kayaking, then the South Coast is just perfect. There are staggering cliffs, beautiful beaches, sea caves and small grottos waiting to be explored. Most of the coastline offers ideal sea conditions and is naturally sheltered from the Atlantic waves. Places like Ponta da Piedade or Benagil are famous for its sandstone rock formations and are on everyone’s wishing list.

Have one of the most refreshing experiences with Discover. Find our Kayak adventure at Ponta da Piedade here.

  • With optimal wind and sea conditions, Lagos and Alvor are popular destinations for Kite Surfing. The prevailing northwesterlies give you the exact amount of wind and a flat and smooth contact allowing for that extra speed. You can check out our friends’ Kitesurf school here, and have a perfect experience when taking the courses or rent all the necessary gear for a unique experience.
  • If you love to Surf, then the south and west coast of the Algarve are definitely worth a visit. On the West Coast and during the summer months things are more mellow but it’s still suitable for experienced and novice surfers. There are some sweet spots that you can try like: Arrifana, Carrapateira, Beliche, Tonel and Martinhal. The south coast is less consistent but places like Zavial and Praia da Luz can provide a quality break. Mind localism here tough.

From the autumn months onwards, the NW and SW channels kick in. During this period the southwestern tip of the Algarve is great for experienced surfers. You will need wetsuit, booties and a partner with a good surf experience!

  • For Wakeboarding or Wakesurfing Lagos Bay in the morning period is the perfect ground for you. Flat sea, no traffic and a gentle sea breeze. You can find in the Marina plenty of power boats to charter and take you out. Gear can also be rented and if you wish you can even add a skipper as well. Have a look and check out their RIBs to rent.


Top Outdoor activities in the Algarve

If you prefer the countryside and some adrenaline to the mix, follow the tips.

  • For hiking and Cycling enthusiasts, the southwestern Algarve offers a jaw dropping and eye full experience. The Rota Vicentina is without a doubt, one the most beautiful trails that you can follow in southern Europe. Located in the Natural Park of the Sudoeste Alentejano and Costa Vicentina, this path is suitable for beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. You can choose your level of difficulty and build different stages through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in southern Europe. Learn about the trails and all the activities here.
  • Birdwatching fans will have a great time in the Algarve. With its breathtaking sceneries and perfect weather all year round, the region offers at least 28 know observing spots with 395 recorded species. Either on land or sea, you will have the chance to observe several popular species. From the gracious Flamingo in Ria Formosa to the Egyptian Vulture in Cape S. Vicente, there are many memorable encounters waiting for you. In Lagos, Ponta da Piedade showcases some of the most iconic seabirds in the region. From the delicate European Storm Petrel to the clever Cormorant, this area is a known observing spot. Also, other popular visitors in the area, are the Seagull and the always spectacular Northern Gannet and his jaw dropping dives. Get to know the annual Birdwatching Festival in Sagres.

By Davy De Groote at Unsplash


Where should I go for dinner in Lagos?

For Foodies and food enthusiasts, Lagos is a real treat!

After the various activities, you have to recover your energies with typical food and excellent wines from the region

With an array of fresh fish and seafood to choose from you will be able to learn just how amazing food is in Portugal. Several restaurants are at your disposal ranging from a more boutique experience to the off the beaten path Portuguese hang-out. If you would like to take a tour of the excellent local cuisine, see our friend’s website here. If you prefer to venture out on your own, here are some suggestions for restaurants in Lagos:

The Wine in the Algarve is becoming famous for its quality with wineries and estates springing across the Algarve. The regions of Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão and Tavira are home of several delicious native grapes with good quality soils that in the end, give the nectar of the gods. Close to town, Lagos offers you the chance to try a full organic wine experience. Although production is limited to around 10.000 bottles per year, nearby Monte da Casteleja produces some of the most fantastic wines in the region. Book your property visit and add a homemade lunch to the tour. 

Lagos is one of the most desirable in southern Europe to spend a good time on vacation. Whether by sea or by land, the excitement and new experiences never end, becoming contagious. 

Come and experience the adrenaline of sailing on a Discover Tours catamaran and get to know all our sea experiences!