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Discover Tours

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In a saturated, repetitive market, where the image of our maritime/touristic projects has been increasingly worn down, it is important to re-create a different kind of boat trip, where they do not become just some kind of transportation between two points, along scenic views.

As far as we are concerned, Discover Tours is a meeting place where people get together, for leisure, adventure, new experiences and Discovers.

Our clients are invited, during these trips, to enjoy the various activities we can offer while on the boat. Besides riding our clear bottom kayaks and seeing the caves at Ponta da Piedade from an angle never possible before, where they can admire not only some unusual rock formations of incredible beauty but also the multi-coloured sea bed, they may also swim and snorkel, splash and play, bounce and slide down our inflatable 12 foot rebound, always with one of the most beautiful sceneries of the Algarve in the background, take a ride to the grottoes on a smaller boat, sunbathe or simply enjoy a “caipirinha” while listening to good music in a pleasant atmosphere.

It was, therefore, our objective to create a boat where the whole family would feel relaxed, safe and happy, a different boat with basic comfort conditions, suitable for all tastes and ages.

It is our intention to provide a unique family experience, where all its members can enjoy activities more suitable for their age groups. We therefore wish, through the originality and excellence of our products, the quality of our service, our professionalism and a balanced price/quality ratio, to create bonds of friendship with our clients that will last for a long time.
We, therefore, wish to be different in a way that we will be recognized for the stance adopted by our company in this competitive market.

Come with us and unravel Europe’s best kept secret, the Algarve.

Relax and join our experienced team on an amazing journey through one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. Either by sail, paddle or power boat experience the magic of the sea and its hidden treasures. Come inside and let us show you our tours.